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Goodness, this place has been busy. Well, the weekend away was beautiful. The tops of the hills were snow-frosted and the lakes were pretty as pictures - as always.

So, let's see, can I remember?

((((((((Moon-ie))))))))) Never fear, I *know* you don't leave messes.

(((((((Cookie-Small-One))))))) Did you get up yet? I'm not going to find someone lurking around in here when I start baking am I? <fret>

(((((((Bird))))))) Do you like scones?

(((((((Shalom))))))) Scones! Well, the traditional types here would be white raisin, cheese or cherry. And if you can make the cranberry ones then you can make these! Just try adding some white raisins, some cheese <b>or</b> some candied cherries </b>to your mix instead of the cranberries. Enjoy!

(((((((Dawgie))))))) We had a pal's doggie with us this weekend. She's kinda elderly (the pooch, not the pal ) but very sweet. So we enjoyed seeing her.

((((((((ShoppingLass)))))))) How sweet of you to drop in!

(((((((Tammy))))))) Come back to England! Yay! Do you got a folder too now? I guess I'd best go see :-)

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