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This is a story that my history professor told us one day in class. He said that many years ago, maybe in the 1940s, if I remember correctly, there was a couple who owned a farm. The husband had gone to the barn to feed the animals and the wife was in the kitchen making breakfast. The wife heard a noise coming from the bedroom. It sounded like a moaning. She wasnt sure if the noise was coming from an animal or what, but she did know that they didnt have any inside pets.
She went to the barn and told her husband, and he came to the house to see about it. They went into the kitchen, where once again, they heard the moaning noise.
They followed the noise to their bedroom where they found not an animal, but a very badly burned woman in their bed. She was under the covers, and in obvious immense pain.
The husband got the burned woman to the doctor as quickly as he could.
Now, the couple have no idea how the woman got to their house, and better yet, they dont know how she got into their house without the wife seeing her.
The burned lady died a few days later as a result of her injuries. The police officials learned later, that a country church, approximately 10-12 miles from the couple's home. To this day, this is an unsolved mystery.
This is also a true story. It can researched by microfiche at our local library.

Hope you like this one....spooky huh?
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