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Tammy that is really odd, but you know that animals have sensitivities that humans can never know. I bet something happened in the middle of that yard once. Something strange and scarey BOO!!

We have two dogs. Tooie who manufactures $400.00 tumors all over his skin and Bonnie our 9 month old Scottish Terrier. Tooie is 12 years old and is a shetland sheepdog. We got him when my son was still in diapers and I asked him what are you going to call your puppy? He said Tooie, so thus the name. We got Tooie for Aaron because Aaron would not stay in his new single bed at night (after climbing out of his crib a gazillion times. He always wanted to come into bed with us. I don't blame him. So we thought a puppy would keep him from being lonely at night. It worked. This past August my son and husband saw Bonnie at the Puppy Kitty Nursery that is right next door to their barber shop. They came home and got me and drug me kicking and screaming to the pet shop. I detest housebreaking dogs, really I do. But as soon as I saw Bonnie my heart melted. She is soooo cute. Full of personality and play, she has added 10 years to our older dogs life with her playful antics. Yes I housebroke her, it was not pleasant but it got done and now she is as much a part of our family as Tooie is. We also brought home a kitten (Pixie) the same age as Bonnie so she has someone who will get really rough with her as Tooie will play but he is a very delicate dog and old too.
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