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Hilie - I totally see your point and yes, we have similar institutions here that also pretty much just ask you for money so they can hand you a diploma. Trouble is, the more trouble they get into the less likely people who go that route can get a proper job. We also have institutions charging $10,000 plus for training that is so specific it will be of no use to people in 5-10 years. Go figure. Nice thing about Athabasca University is that the courses are challenging and broad, and the price is relatively affordable (considering the cost of education these days).

Personally I like distance learning, both from a student and an employee perspective. I have to admit though, that the student part is what I prefer most of the time. I love that I can have institutional timelines placed on my courses but yet set my own timelines at a much faster pace. I'm used to the traditional classroom time of 4 months for a course so naturally thats what I aim for with my coursework (they give 6 months to complete a 3-credit course). Actually just finished a course not three weeks ago YAY!!!!!! It was an administrative management course (something i'm taking for work purposes). Now thats done and I can start taking my computer courses i'm interested in.

Another nice feature of working for the institution you go to school at is that we get free courses as part of our union agreement. They just up'd the anti from 6 credits to 12 credits free per year..... I would be stupid to not take advantage of that.
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