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Hi Hilie and all - thought I would give you the fetal pig update. IT WAS FUN. I still have some more disecting to do next week on little Ham (named for Noah's son) but I found myself actually arguing with my lab partner over who would make the next cut. Luckily there were only her and I in our group and we split the duties half and actually is fascinating to see where all the little organs lie in relation to each other (which is similar in a human)and no Hilie I doubt you can find a biology that does not do this sort of thing. I really am glad I had the experience.

Your English class sounds like a HUGE drag Hilie, I would be complaining too. Thank goodness I had two very good English Profs who love their jobs and were able to make the class interesting. I do know that some of them really spin their wheels on that essay reading thing though. Good luck.

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