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{{{{{Moon}}}}} I posted the whole story in Scribe's folder, but the short version is that I have a dentist appointment tomorrow, not today, so hopefully I'll make cooking chat.<p>
As for bonding, I had both front teeth bonded 20 some-odd years ago, and both the bonding and tooth broke, revealing what looks to me like a completely rotten half-tooth. With that wedding coming up, I'll let Dr. Tozzer do the bonding thing if he thinks it'll work, but I imagine he'll have to pull it. If it heals soon enough, I'm hoping for a "flipper" for that spot and the one next to it. Friends have suggested that, and I'm a bit annoyed the doc didn't recommend it a long time ago for the gap from the other missing tooth next to the broken front one.<p>
I'm stoked that I baked that potato last night. That leaves me with everything I need to make that Bisquick pot pie today for lunch - something hearty but soft.<p>
So, if I organize my time right today, I'll see you at cooking chat!
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