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Poised to pour my coffee from the pot into the travel cup I noticed the sleeve on my blouse was torn. I glanced at the clock and sighed in exasperation at the time. I had to leave so I grabbed the portable sewing kit I kept in the kitchen drawer, tossed it into my brief case and hurried out the door, forgetting my cup of coffee. As I wound my way onto the beltway for the drive into the city I listened to the news on the car radio. I wanted that cup of coffee badly and now I was preoccupied with the thoughts of what that caffeine could be doing for me. My eyes wandered to the sleeve of my blouse which was right in front of my face because of the way my arm was drapped over the steering wheel. Traffic was at a standstill, I could see blue lights flashing a half a mile in the distance. After a good ten minutes had elapsed I had a brilliant idea, I could fix my sleeve while I waited in the stopped traffic. I pulled out the sewing kit and deftly threaded a needle from the card of white thread that was provided in the matchbox like package. After making my knot I pierced the fabric but before I pulled the needle through I could see the dilema I was facing. This tear would have to be sewn from the inside of the sleeve because it was too large to possibly take just a few quick unnoticeable stitches. I glanced around me, the woman in the car next to me was reading the paper. On the other side were a male and female commuter both absorbed in conversation with each other. I decided to go for it. I slipped off my blouse, luckily I had chosen a full slip to wear under the sheer fabric of my blouse. I began to sew when suddenly the traffic began to move. I glanced around at the moving traffic and the horn in the car behind me started to sound so I tapped my foot on the gas and began to move forward. In my haste I had forgotten to look at the car in front of me which had NOT started to move yet and I smashed right into his rear bumper. Out of the car the angry commuter paced back to my window, all this before I had time to pull my blouse back on over my slip. Before I knew it a crowd had gathered to glare at me conspicuously. When I looked down at myself I saw that I was naked from the waist up and realized, this is just a dream.
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