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<font color="purple">
(((((ShopperWOW, CheetahWOW,ShalomWOW, mickey, janpo, pennylynne)))))))
at this time you may need extra hugs feel free to take some. Put them in your pocket and use when you want to... they reappear when necessary so no shortage
mickey... thanks I'm glad I became a WOW what a fun group.... Had a blast last night in WS thanks
Shopper excuse me but your laid some eggs here how do you want them?? <G>
janpo help yourself to the pizza here ok
Cheetah woohoo nice to see you again
pennylynne always a pleasure to see you hun...
ShalomWOW... you are a WOW and I wish you great happiness .... you deserve it...
<font color= "blue">
Hummmm decided next week I will hide some chocolate kisses and hugs around here...!? let me know where you find them...
***************************** As an added surprise you may pick up your grab bags on the way out ... surprises galore in them... <G> enjoy
If you have the choice to sit out or dance I hope you dance.....
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