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/me leaves plate of ghostie shaped sugar cookies with frosting.

True story... short one.

You know how the hair on the back of your neck can begin to prickle and you get this cold feeling. And all of a sudden it seems like your hearing goes and you are listening to your own heart beat. And a rush of goose bumps goes rushing all over your body. Acccckkk just scared myself... lol

Ok story. Little one..
Daughter was working at delivering pizza's in our little town of 15,000. At one intersection there is a store front of an old Mom and Pop grocery store. The glass is old and wavy.
She had pulled to a stop at the light and reached over to change radio. She looked over at the same time to the store front to see the reflection of her car... was late afternoon.
She was looking to see how nice and clean her car looked after cleaning it that morning.

What she saw was this...
Her car very plainly and herself...... and....

a tall in full dress native Indian woman standing beside the car. As she was taking this in and letting it register in her brain... she felt someone firmly grasp her shoulder.
She panicked and hit the gas and shot thru the intersection... thank goodness for no traffic.

Now she came right home to tell me and showed me the hand print on her shoulder. And it was there a right handed print on her left shoulder. I said you did that yourself. Yeah right she said.... " Mom I can't reach around the back of my neck and grab my own shoulder." And the hand print was of a long thin hand. Not her little hand.

During the next few weeks she would go back to see if anything else would appear... and it did. A wolf standing by the woman. And the last image she saw and none since was an Indian warrior on a horse with a wolf beside them.
She and I have talked about this over the years and feel it was a message to her but we are not sure what. Maybe they just don't want to be forgotten. OR it was her spirit guide. Which is likely... my daughter has had many experiences with seeing.

lol short story...

/me leaves a beautiful dream catcher in the east window for all the bad dreams to be dissolved by the wonderful morning light.

/me leaves a guard
"We all live with the objective of being happy; our lives are all different and yet the same."
- Anne Frank
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