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Dreams, dreams, and more dreams

I have a recurring dream similar to the test-taking one, except in mine I am either back in High School or back in College, and they find a reason why I can't graduate! It usually takes me a minute after waking to remember that I graduated both. LOL
The most horrifying dream I ever had was when I was in high school. I dreamt that my younger sister's best friend, who was also our neighbor, was raped and murdered in a wooded area near our house. The person who did it was her brother. As soon as I woke up to get ready for school, I called her house, but didn't get an answer. When I got on the school bus, there she was...I literally started crying.

The freakiest are the premonitions I have thru dreams...too many to post (like you aren't tired of reading this already). The absolute most freakiest of them all was the dream I had about the TWA flight explosion, two nights prior to the actual events. People may not believe me, but I was so upset by this dream, that the next day I told all my roommates and a few friends...when the explosion took place, I wasn't the ONLY one in utter my dream I was a French student on my way to Paris, trying to get my classmates off the plane, screaming for them not to go that something bad was going to happen, only to have everyone on the plane look at me like I was crazy. Somehow I ended up outside the plane, screaming as I watched the plane explode. I should mention that I never took French, I was a Latin student; at that time I had never flown, was not planning an upcoming trip, and had not even discussed flying prior;and had not had any convos about Paris prior. I had no connection to any of the ill-fated passengers. Just remembering that still gives me shudders.
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