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Me Too!!!

My TWO bestest friends in the world I met online. D aka Derek I have met in person 3 times...funny thing was, until we met I didn't have a very high opinion of him. The moment we met we "clicked" and I treasure the friendship we have developed. He is a Canuck and I periodically threaten to move in with him and Cathy should US politics continue the path I fear they will.
Amy, however, I have never met in person, and we have been friends for a little over 2 years. We share the same birthday, altho I am a couple of years older. We have been thru ALL the highs and lows together. We are so alike in personality it is both a little scary and refreshing. There is no way I can properly convey how much our friendship means and has done for me in this forum. Good news is this year we are finally going to meet, and spend our birthdays together.
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