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Bachelors Grove Cemetary

In a Chicago suburb, a dirt path can be seen from the road, but the path goes to a chain link fence, with a huge chain stretched across its gate. A big gaping hole has been torn at the mail gate.
A pile of trash sits just inside the gate--showing that something isnt right here. This cemetary has been desecrated and abused.
Founded in 1864, it was named for the many unmarried men in the area. It was used as a dumping ground for victims of gangsters during the 1920's. A stagnant pond lies within the grounds.
It's been vandalized for years and only one marker remains standing. There has been no burials here since the mid 80's.
Reports say there is an old Victorian home near the grounds, but whenever anybody gets near it,it disappears. And if anybody does get in, they dont come out.
Ghosts have been seen near the pond, including a farmer and his horse. The farmer drowned in the pond after his horse bolted.
A ghost,locals call Mrs. Rogers, dressed in all white has been seen searching something, maybe her baby.
A psychic was staying the night in the cemetary one night ghost hunting and he wasnt disappointed.
He saw a man dressed in a yellow suit stand before him, then disappear. Afterwards, red streaks filled the air and a tree shook violently.

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