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The Window

On a home in central Kentucky, the shutters are destined never to open on the front, right window.
The story goes that a bride and groom were given the house as a wedding gift. The groom was called away to the Civil War and the bride told him she would never leave the windown until his return.
Upon his return, the groom was told his bride had become ill and died in her sleep. He immediately went into the room where his wife had been waiting and closed the shutters. He too died shortly after of a broken heart.
The intersection where this house sits is also supposedly the site of very bad accidents...reportedly from ghost sightings.
A side note...
Only a few things are known about the house. In that same room where the bride died, years later a child died and it became haunted. When the room is opened up or being used strange things happen, you can hear a child crying, a chair rocking, etc. When the room is closed, the sounds stop.
A little girl is supposed to have hung herself in this room, in front of the window. If the window is open, youre supposed to see the girl's image hanging from a rope.
The reason the shutters are closed,is because the state of KY made them shut it, from the many accidents happening because of people seeing the girl's image.
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