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Oh my look at all the company wooo hooooo thanks everyone Did you pick up your goodie package on the way out... ((((PennyLynne )))) so glad you like the little things I have been searching for unique teapot items and you'd be amazed at my findings
((((psyndi))) thanks for the spam going to a Wedding today sure the bride will like that package tied up with pretty ribbon put your name on the card too hope you saw the prize with your name on it
((((Challenge)))) there is a shamrock plant with your name on it did you get it?
((((matea ))))shhhhh did you take the prizes for you and (((Frannie))))
((((LiamFan))))) did you grab your (new home) gift with your name on it .. hope you like it
((((janpo)))) special surprise for you be careful don't open the box until you get home sweetie oops you better put a (gas) mask on btw rofl
(((((Razberrie,Seo))))) hummmm singing ***Children behave
(((((Cookie_art))))) thanks again for the blue lilacs they smell devine
ahemmmm time to restock all the goodies in here .... my, my, my keeping my cabana boy busy here shhhh don't tell .....
If you have the choice to sit out or dance I hope you dance.....
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