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I think how we choose to educate our children is a very personal decesion. I have chose so far to have my son in the public school system. I had my son involved in "home based" early head start when he was about 20 months old. We had a preschool teacher come to our home once a week and went to school once a week. I enjoyed the program because not only was I able to gain information from my son's teacher I was also able to talk to other parents who were dealing with some of the issues I was. Sallvie enjoyed the interaction with other children to a certain extent. Sallvie is now in his second year of headstart. He goes 5 days a week for 3 and 1/2 hours. When Sallvie started headstart last year he had a vocabulary of maybe 15 words now he talks in paragraphes , though he somtimes says things that are embarrasing LOL. This year Sallvie is also learning about loyalty which can be a good thing except when he "shares his fists" . I don't know if I will always want Sallvie in the public school system but at this time it works for Sallvie and I. I think I'd consider home schooling if I felt the school system was letting my son down educationaly or if they weren't ensuring his safety. Well now that I put more then my 4 cents worth in I'll be on my merry way
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