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Three cheers for all of you who take a keen interest in the education of your children be it at home, private or public school. I am a firm believer in public school. I pay for it and I expect it to be great just like our country. The teachers that my son have had throughout his eight years in school have all been dedicated, hardworking individuals.

To me education is more than just learning. It is a tool for parents to create an independent, responsible, contributing, solid citizen of this planet. My son is in eighth grade and is in the process of choosing his career path. I am impressed by the counselors at the middle school he attends. They have prepared all the cirriculum choices so that they are very well understood by the parents and students alike. They have had aptitude tests and counseling about each of the four high school cirriculum available to them. They have a host of magnet high schools to choose from such as; Performing and Visual Arts, Technology, Horticulture (big thing here in Fla with all the golf courses), Agriculture, Medical careers, cosmotology, mechanics, electronics, business, there are so many to choose from. He has chosen a College prep/Technology cirriculum which will prepare him to enter college as well as prepare him for immediate employment in the computer field upon graduation from high school.

I always stress to him that school will be whatever he makes of it for himself. He is a very goal oriented individual and has set some high hurdles for himself. I hope to run alongside and encourage him at each hurdle to aim high and jump true.
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