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Scusie,not supposed to talk with food in my mouth... but.... ohhhhhhhhhhh this chocolate is...H_E_A_V_E_N...
Thanks (((((((Challenge)))))) you RULE (for right now)
(((((Londy))))) thanks for stopping by.... hope you got your goody bag on the way out Come back soon
(((((Serene))))) how nice to see you.. did you get your goodie grab bag on the way out...

....Yes, I had a fantastic Saturday I should say we did.. went to a wedding and got home at ahemmmm 2:30 in the AM we were Dancing Fools rofl the place was rocking my knee didn't act up until I got home and then.. my honey iced it for me.... He's a keeper you think Come back and visit anytime love company ..Slainte...
p/s drank Shirley Temples and still went crazy roflmbo
If you have the choice to sit out or dance I hope you dance.....
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