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The Mandy Tree
In the next county over from me, lived a family who was very much loved by their mother.
During the 1920s is when this story took place.
Young Mandy Holloman was known to be an exceptional wife and mother to her loved ones. Everyone knew she lived for her her family and filled her home with love and happiness.
Mandy was also an avid gardener. Her yard was filled with colorful flowers. She even planted a tiny oak tree in the backyard. Shortly after, Mandy was found shot to death in her home.
Several decades passed and the town soon forgot about Mandy. Until...something strange happened when the tree leafed out. It was the perfect profile of Mandys face.
Curosity seekers began coming in drovs to see the Mandy Tree. It was amazing how much the tree looked like her. Who knows why the tree looks so much like her? Coicidence, shadows? Maybe Mandy just didnt want to be forgotten.
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