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The Killer Ghost of Eastern Kentucky

In 1938, the story of a killer ghost began to be told in Eastern KY. Even though no one ever saw this ghost, it is said to have caused 5 similiar unexplained deaths.
In June of 38, a man named Carl Pruitt came home from work and found his wife in bed with another man. Carl became enraged and was gonna kill the other man. The other man escaped, but Carl strangled his wife with a small piece of chain. After he becamerational again, Carl saw what he had done and committed suicide. He was buried in a seperate cemetary than his wife.
A few weeks after his burial, visitors to the cemetary noticed something odd about Carl's tombstone. It was slowly forming a chain.
The chain was caused by unusual discoloration in the stone and was taking on the form of a cross. At that point it stopped growing.
Some citizens said that maybe the tombstone should be destroyed and moved, but officials scoffed and nothing was ever done about it.
A month or so after the chain stopped growing, a group of boys were riding their bikes by the graveyard one day. One of them, a boy named James Collins, decided to throw a few stones at the "cursed" tombstone, just to prove he wasnt scared and didnt believe in spook stories. The hurled rocks managed to chip several spots in the stone. As the boys started home, James' bike began to pick up speed. It peddled faster and faster until he had no control over it. It veered off the road and collided with a tree. Then, in some weird way, the chain from his bike became entangled around his neck and he died. Rumors started to spread, especially after the tombstone was examined and no marring or chip spots could be found on it. James' mother was filled with grief. Less than a month after James' accident, she went to the cemetary and destroyed the tombstone with a small axe. She pounded and hacked until it lay in dozens of pieces. The next day, she was hanging out her laundry when she slipped and fell. Oddly enough, the clothesline was made from a small link chain instead of the usual wire.Her neck got wrapped around the chain and she suffocated. Legend says after she died, Pruitt's stone showed no signs of destruction.
Needless to say, new spread of the incident
A short time later, a farmer and 3 of his family members were in their wagon traveling by the cemetary. For some reason, the farmer said he wasnt afraid of any ghosts and fired several shots at the stone sending chips of the stone into the air. The noise sppked the horses and they started running. The family jumped off the wagon, but the farmer stayed on, trying to get the horses to stop. Just as the wagon veered around the corner, the farmer was thrown forward and got caught in the chain of the horses and the motion of the horses snapped his neck. Investigations of teh stone showed no bullet marks at all.
The local residents were convinced of a curse. Even the local Congressman was called on and then the police were sent out to investigate. On arrival, one of the policemen laughed at the stories and said they werent true. When they took pictures and were getting into their car, the doubting officer looked into his rearview mirror and saw a glow coming from the stone. At first he though it was a reflection of th tail lights, but the glow got closer and closer. So the officer sped up, but so did the glow. The car swerved off the road and crashed into a between 2 posts. The officer on the passenger side was thrown free of the car. He was banged up, but ok. He went to check on his friend and found him dead. Not of the crash, but of a chain that hd been between the 2 posts. It had shattered the windshield and nearly severed the officers head.
After this death, the people began to avoid the cemetary altogether. But there was one man, Arthur Lewis, who was bound and determined to prove this whole thing a lie. So one night after supper, he told his wife he was gonna go destry that tombstone once and for all. Neighbors all around could hear him with his hammer and chisel, methodically chipping away at the stone. The also heard the bloodcurdling scream in the night. The local men gathered up their lanterns and headed out to see what happened. Something obviously terrified Arthur and he had started running, forgetting about the chain that barred the cemetary gate. Oddly enough, even though 10 or 15 men had heard Arthur destroying the Pruitt stone, there were no marks or broken pieces on it anywhere.
After this, some people had their loved ones moved to a different cemetary. Since Pruitt had no family, his gravesite became overrun with weeds.
In 1958, it was destroyed for good by a strip mining company. The 5 strange deaths, all linked by chains, have never been explained.
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