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Ten ways to tell you have a Redneck Ghost

1. A can of Skoal mysteriously floats through the air.

2. The mysterious footsteps seem to be stompin' out "Achy Breaky Heart".

3. The eyes on the velvet Elvis painting move.

4. The room is spinning, and you?re not even drunk yet.

5. That car in your front yard isn?t on blocks -- it's levitating by itself.

6. Your dog, Bo, gets sucked into the TV set, and he's blocking your view of rasslin'.

7. That mysterious scratching below the floorboards? The Telltale Raccoon.

8. The chain the ghost rattles is attached to his wallet.

9. You feel an eerie presence every time "Freebird" plays on the radio.

10. The trailer is shaking, but there?s no tornado in sight
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