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The Beautiful Young Vanishing Hitchhiking Woman
A young man had just left a party given by some of his friends. As he started down the road it was about 12:30 at night and pouring down rain. He had only driven about 2 miles when he saw this faint figure walking on the side of the road. As he got closer he realized it was a young lady, for she was wearing a long white dress. He pulled over and asked her if she would like a ride. He figured she had came from the party. She said she would and she hoped in the front seat. He noticed she was shivering from the rain so he took off his jacket and offered it to her, she gladly accepted and put the jacket on. They talked about where they were from and other basic chit chat. The young man was overwhelmed by how beautiful the girl was. When he pulled up to her house he was going to ask her out, but when he went around to the passenger side the door was open and she was gone. He seemed a little confused, but figured she had just gotten nervous and ran into her house. The following day the young man realized the girl had left in such a rush, that she forgot to leave his jacket. He remembered the directions to her house and went there since he did not have a phone number to call.

He knocked on the door and a woman answered. The young man told her he was there to pick up his jacket from who he assumed was her daughter. The woman looked at him strangely and then began to smile. She then told him that her daughter had died in a car accident ten years ago. The young man was horrified and did not belive her. The woman asked him to follow her. While they walked the woman told him this was not the first time this had happened and for him not to be upset. The woman stopped at what looked to be a family cemetery and pointed to the far right. The young walked over and there laying on a headstone was his jacket.

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