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(((Roomies)))Thought I would add a ghost story to Misty's folder. The place I work at is haunted. I use to work the graveyard shift and that is when we would experience it. I didn't believe for the longest time until I saw it myself. Anyway, we have seen a ghost of a man in a flannel shirt that has keys. We have heard them make nosie. Also things have fallen off of the shelves with no one around and items on pegs on endbases have swung. It's not trying to hurt us though,it just has fun scaring us. An ex employee also saw a little girl ghost in a rainjacket. It was kind of funny because he didn't believe us until then. There was a fire a long time ago and my husband and I believe someone must of passed on.I want to find out for sure though. Now that we work early morning shifts we don't see it as much anymore. Our auditors have to work graveyard sometimes and they always stick together because of this. This is just a few things ther have been other things it has done to. jules
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