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The Ghosts of Egdefield

McMenamins Egdgefield near where I live use to be a poor farm for the destitute and was closed for good in 1982.It was bought in 1990 and made into an entainment complex.Anyway,in the greenhouse mummified cats were found in the greenhouse storage benches and cat spirits have been felt there. People have woke up to find chairs in different places and have seen a man walking a dog down the hall and a woman shuffling along. Alot of activity has been in the winery wing which use to be the infirmary. A couple woke and saw her daughter talking to someone.People have woke to ghosts sitting on the end of the bed and have seen indentations where they were sitting. They have played tricks like unplugging lights,suspending wine glasses in the air,turning on various machines.There is also a little girl ghost named Althea who pulls off blankets and tugs on ankles and toes. They also hear her playing the halls. People who check in just to see the ghosts won't see them either. They are the ones who don't usually see them.There are a few ghosts that are regulars also. This a story from the local paper. julies
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