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I wasn't going to reply, but I've changed my mind. I saw two people whom I love dearly decide on an abortion. I didn't agree with it, but I know what I saw. These two people were tested...and both of them went through the process. I saw them cry and hang on to one another.

I've never hid my feelings about how I feel, but they are overcoming insurmountable odds -- and they stayed together. They lost a child that day and I've seen them grieve...I lost a potential neice or nephew and sometimes I still grieve.

I won't deny being pro-life, but neither did I want either one of the people I love to suffer. I saw how they struggled with a decision -- and it was not made lightly. So whose for being pro-life...or them for making a decision...and being together for the process? They would never do that again and although I was against the decision, that has not changed my love for these two people.

I know that until a person is in that situation it is hard to say what one will do. I will say this though: when I thought I was pregnant by my own father, I made an active decision that I would have an abortion. Let me state for the record I wasn't and I didn't...but I probably would have. I was a child who was in an abusive situation...and to this day I still wonder about special circumstances. It's just hard to say what we would do if it were us...until it is us.

I've seen both sides make valid points and I won't get into that, but it's a hot topic for me simply because of where I've been...and what I've seen. Didn't mean to jump in and just on that note, have a good day
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