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Hotel Del Coronado

They did a story on this hotel on the Travel Channel but after doing some research well there is more to the story than the Travel Channel told. They said they had no clue who this woman was, only what her name really was.. which they lied...they said it was room 3327.. again they lied. Perhaps the owners of the hotel wished to downplay the occurances and the story but due to the good ole internet I was able to find out more info and the truth about the haunting. This will prolly be a long post so bear with me!

Built more than 100 years ago in the seaside village of Coronado, The Del has maintained a tradition of lavish service in a fairy-tale setting surrounded by mystery and wonder. The grounds sprawl over 26 acres of lush beachfront property, and the hotel itself is an architectural marvel. Some compare it to a confection as elaborate and pristine as a wedding cake. Frank L. Baum, who wrote The Wizard of Oz, based his design of Emerald City on the hotel's turreted architecture. Everywhere you turn is a nook, a cranny, a gazebo or an alcove that makes you feel you're uncovering a secret that no one has ever found before.

Two Midwestern builders dreamt up The Del. Back in the 1880s, before Coronado was developed, Elisha Babcock and H. L. Story could see promise in the barren landscape. They spared no money or effort, importing lumber and laborers from San Francisco to help construct their vision. A mahogany bar was built in Philadelphia and delivered fully assembled to Coronado by ship, traveling all the way around South America. Babcock and Story spent a cool $1 million to realize their dream -- an amount unheard of in those days -- $600,000 for construction and $400,000 for furnishings.

Now for the haunting............

Over the Thanksgiving holiday of 1892 a beautiful young woman checked into the hotel. She was alone and carried no luggage. She checked in under the name of Lottie A. Bernard. Five days after her arrival she was found dead on a sidewalk leading from the hotel to the beach with a single gunshot to her head. It was self-inflicted. Eventaully her story came out.

Lottie was really Kate Morgan. Wife of Tom Morgan, a gambling cardshark who was supposed to meet her at the Del but never showed up. Kate and Tom rode the rails together.. Kate distracting Tom's card players while he cleaned them out.

Hotel workers claimed that Kate appeared sick upon her arrival and rarely left her room. She had told a cpl of the employees that she was waiting for her 'brother' who was a doctor to arrive. (on the rails Kate and Tom used the brother ploy to outwit and swindle male card players out of money) She told the employee's she had stomach cancer but most believe she was pregnant, which would make since because after her death they found quinine in her hotel room which in that day was used to promote miscarriages.

Kate's hotel room was originally 302 but now is numbered 3312(Travel channel said it was 3327)and since her passing many a strange thing has been reported as to of happened.
Hotel workers would get a call at front desk from rooms next to 3312 saying there was loud banging comming from that room... even when no one was checked into it. On one such occasion when they sent an employee up to check it out he opened the door to see and impression of someone lying on the bed which was empty..and when he went to straighten out the bed...the blankets would not move.. as if someone really were lying there. One couple claimed that they were woken in the night hearing there names called..and being asked to get up and look thru the peephole in the door. They checked out of the hotel the next morning.. 4 days early.

Others have claimed to have talked to Kate thru the TV set in the room, have things move around while out of the room, feel a breeze when no windows were open, the lights will flicker, TV will turn off and on by itself. Also, some claim that late at night if they look from the window in 3312 they see a young woman walking the beach who stops, looks right at them and then disappears. The spot they say she disappears at is at right about the location that Kates body was found.

Needless to say that room is always booked on Halloween night and most who deal with hauntings and the supernatural feel it is truely one of the most haunted hotels in America.

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