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i pondered this choice long and hard, which one of my babies to send out into the cold for the first time. I have never before sent my poetry out anywhere. I was always afraid someone would take it, i admit to being very paranoid. This is not my best, because that one is still too much mine. This one i wrote when i was a tad more innocent and very much younger.

Melting Happiness

You are my melting happiness
I watch you floating to me
a tiny angel in a dress
The snowflake that you be.

There are tiny angels
playing in the snow
they dance, twirl, and fly about
God's way of saying hello.

Then floats my snowflake
all, continually down
oh my melting happiness
you look pretty in your gown.

My tiny ice princess
spinning madly to and fro
dancing to a magic song
my heart follows where ever you go.

Crystal drops of shimmering glass
cling to the window sill,
as if begging for the life of my lass
whom the sun wishes to kill.

Her brothers and her sisters,
appear in the sky
reaching for the branches
of a Rowen tree nearby.

A velvet blanket of silence
fills the cool night
A wind rocks the rickety fence
just out of sight.

And while all this happens
my snowflake still is falling
china glass of silver,
my melting heart is calling.

It lands on me
the shadows and shades of its intricate design,
a beatiful sight to see
Belongs to my heart, melting, mine
like a child's fantasy.

Gone, but there in my twinkling eye
you see the star
that fell from the sky.
Forever after its beauty lends
my heart laughter -
a child's friend.
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