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kathe, you earn activity points when you exercise, depending on the amount of exertion. You can either use those points for more food, or you can lose weight faster because of them. :-)

and antiana, bulldozers move the Earth!!! {{{{antiana}}}}

I signed up for Weight Watchers eTools today, and it is WONDERFUL. You can keep your journal online. Now for me, this is one huge motivating factor. I'm more likely to do it on the computer than on a piece of paper, with a pen.

Which reminds me...we ate at a Chinese restaurant for lunch, and Danielle tried to ask the waitress for a pen. The waitress spoke very little English and, even with pantomime, thought Danielle was asking for a spoon. Danielle was infinitely polite and patient with her, but it was funny to witness! {{{Chinese waitress}}}

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