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This time of year when I begin to take down the Christmas boxes from the garage rafters, I think of the ways my mom decorated her house when I was a child. We did not have a lot of money for the kinds of things that I have now, so she made do. She saved tinsel and reused it. She did the thing with a Reader's Digest--folded into the shape of a standing tree and sprayed gold. She once found a long boat-shaped frond of a palm and set it in the middle of her table filled with red balls. She hemmed a red cloth, stencilled it with green and white poinsettia blossoms and it became her best holiday tablecloth. She melted wax and crayons into liquid and let it set in tin cans that she'd oiled. The result of Christmas candles. Not even the gleam on my Mexican tin angels can outshine my mother's Christmas decorations. ((((Mom))))
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