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Lou that made me remember too. My mom used to save Lipton soup envelopes during the year. Back then they were like tinfoil inside. Then near to Christmas she would get them out and we would all (5 kids) make angels for the tree with them. Then the baking would begin! My mother made Christmas fruit cakes that she wrapped in tea towels soaked in rum for a month. We kids were only allowed a little bite. Tons of cookies of every variety, mince meat pies and Poor Man's Cake were my favorites. I have that recipe by the way if anyone would like it (Poor Man's Cake). We also had little but made do. I think that any extra bit of money went for baking products! It was a time when kids got hard candies covered with fuzz and oranges and walnuts in their stockings and were happy with that and maybe a deck of cards. Christmas was not so much what was under the tree but a time of year that was set apart and different from all other times of the year.
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