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For container gardens get some wooden bushel baskets, like the apple groves and farmer's markets use, put a drainage medium like rocks or broken tile pots in the bottom and fill basket with good potting soil. If the slats are far apart you might want to line the sides with gardening plastic. You can use baskets in various sizes for tomatoes, potatoes, bush green beans, carrots, and anything else you can think of that won't need a great deal of ground space. You can plant pumpkins and watermelons in them as well, but you need a place for the plant to climb.

I live in Florida, and our planting time for veggies is actually winter. Summer is too hot and often too wet. Winter is about right most of the time. I mostly grow flowers though. While I had a lovely garden in Indiana, I don't have garden space here in FL, and the fruit stand is only a mile away and has excellent produce at very reasonable prices.
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