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(((((((Mooni-e)))))))) She seems to be doing fine on that front, hon. But I'll get her on the phone to you if we hit any hitches, okay?

We picked up her tix from the travel agent this am, so I guess this is really gonna happen

(((((((mhinnyme)))))))) Hiya! Well and thank you very much for such splendid treats! We're very big on Hot Cross Buns in the Tea Shoppe just now - what with Easter approaching ... can I tempt you?

(((((((Dottiness)))))))) Yeah, we're doing alright too, thank you This isn't my favourite thing - or hers - but it isn't for long, *brave face*.

((((((Dawgie))))))) Hey toots! I keep looking to see you in da room, maybe tonight huh?

<font size=+3>((*((*((Pino))*))*))</font> Well honeypie, we got the gifts you need, we've worked out how to icq chat on that new machine of yours. I wonder what's left? A nap maybe?
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