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During the holiday, I saw movies with my younger daughter--two movies. They were not the movies that I might have chosen; instead, they were especially for Emily, my younger daughter. I am a film snob, but Em loves all movies, all of them. When I don't want to go alone to a foreign or art flick (my favorites), Em is always game, even when she can't understand all that is happening. So, for the holidays, it seemed fair and generous to let her pick.

Just before Christmas, we saw Harry Potter. We have each read all four HP books, are Potter fans, and we loved the film exactly because it did not veer from what we know about the books.

Today, we saw The Fellowship of the Ring. Em has never read The Lord of the Rings, but for fantasy, she will sit three hours, let sounds startle her in her seat, weep for the fall of Gandalf, and develop a crush on Frogo Baggins. For me, it's been a long time since Tolkien, and unlike a dear friend who rereads sections of Tolkein every year, I tend to the hard edges of reality. But I was brought back to the enduring themes of friendship and loyalty, of the fundamental nature of evil, and of the courage required of those who are good.

Em and I recommend both these movies!
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