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Trips and packing just seem to go along with each other.

The things that keep me from leaving on time are all those little chores that you need to do to get ready for any trip. Making sure the cats have enough food, the tires are checked, the car is filled with gas, the cats have water, the bills have been paid so you have no surprises when you get home. It always seems those things take longer to do than the actual packing of the suitcases and the car.

Getting ready for any trip, I have found, is an exercise in self control. Do I pack enough for the three days I am gone or more in case I get stranded somewhere? Do I pack an assortment of play clothes and dress clothes? Do I take my curlers and blowdryer or go for the long sleek look? Makeup, should I give my face a break from the everyday regime of face products or go natural? Is the cooler packed to include enough stuff to keep me from those needless stops along the way which only make me later in reaching my destination?

Let's not forget what we wear to drive in. That's the most important thing. Do I dress for comfort or wear something to impress those I'm going to see? Does my choice of clothing fit my mood?

Getting ready is almost as important as reaching the final destination of any journey.
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