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Tribute to Kenny

My friend Kenny died last Saturday. He was surrounded by his family and close friends. Kenny was truely blessed and he was a blessing to those who knew him. He had the rare opportunity of being able to get ready for his impending death. For a year he battled an acute case of leukemia. He yoyoed in and out of remission for a time. Some days hopeful and other days less hopeful. At the end he had everything in order. Kenny was told he had run out of options just a few days before he took his last breath. He was only 48 years old but he was ready. He lived his life in service to his family and to his community. Although he had very little in the way of material things, Kenny was rich in human assets. He was a devoted father and husband, elder in his church and loving son. Ken always put others first and would sacrifice what little he had to help others in need. He lived his life in a state of readiness so that in the end he had little to do but rest in the arms of his maker. He was a brother to me when I had none to turn to. I hope I can be as ready as he was when my turn comes. Thank you Kenny, and I thank God that I was fortunate enough to know you.
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