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Just an idea

Hi, Just an idea. When it comes to writing an essay and using something as a symbol like for a person from China, you could say that the banana is full and ripe of opportunities in America whereas in its' own country it would be a blackened wilted banana because of all the limited possiblilities there are offered for that person. I do so hope to return to college yet it seems that I am going to have to wait until I learn my computer better and I have the money for it. Just remember that if you need some help, I offer to read your papers and give you an honest opinion. I know how hard English is since I graduated from High School not knowing how to write an essay with a passing grade. I returned to school thru college took the college tests that said I could take the course I wanted for English. Found out that the test doesnt tell you the weaknesses you have. I ended up taking two classes lower in remedial English to get me to where the tests said I was originally at. Good Luck Hope that this helps anyone reading it.
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