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Cool The Renaissance Lesbian

The REnaiSsaince LESbian (abbreviated as "the resles") is a site aimed at lesbian/lesbian-friendly women (people, actually).

The idea is to have a multicultural, multiethnic, eclectic (hence the idea of using the term "renaissance") site covering different aspects of culture, something that we basically try to do through the site's electronic magazine ("ezine") called "The Renaissance Lesbian Ezine". The ezine has 7 sections: films, books, music, art, science, politics and a section that highlights solidarity/humanitarian sites.

Although the women behind "The ResLes" are not native English speakers (we are from all over the world), we feel that English has become the language of communication in the Internet, so this is why this site is published in this language. However, this does not mean that we are not proud of our corresponding native languages or cultures; our intention is merely to use a common language to communicate in the Internet.

Also, our idea is to keep an open, global, non-biased (by culture or by any other value, not even by our sexual orientation) mentality, always looking for those wide aspects of culture that make this world so richly diverse.

So if you managed to read till here, check it out at:

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