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(((((( Cod ))))) lol I know what you mean about trying different things. The one and only time I tried knitting or crocheting was when I tried to make a Christmas stocking for my door. It didn't turn out at all...came out all distorted. I worked so hard on it that I didn't care and hung it on my door anyway. Comments from those who came over were: " Oh, nice Christmas, uhmmm, bell??" ROFL

Hi hi Tala:

Ok, if you are working with a stamped design, it is likely on linen or on cotton so your embroidery stitches should look just fine using 2 or 3 strands of cotton. Cut a 12 or 18 inch length of floss, then separate the strands. You'll find what length works best for you. You want the stitches to cover the stamped/stencilled design so you may have to play around a bit with it.

For cross stitch, the general guidelines are as follows:

11 count Aida cloth 3 strands
14 & 16 count Aida cloth 2 strands
18 count Aida cloth 1 or 2 strands

The needles to use for cross stitch are Tapestry needles size 24 or 26

If you are working on 14 count perforated paper or plastic canvas, use 3 strands of floss with a size 24 Tapestry needle.

Hope that helps. Have fun!

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