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If the design you are working on is stamped on linen or cotton, the type of needle used for that are called embroidery or crewel needles.

Aida cloth is a type of even weave fabric used for counted cross stitch. There are different manufacturers and you can buy them in different amounts of cloth. The tapestry needles used for this type of cloth have blunt points because the fabric isn't pierced...the needle goes through the spaces in the weave. The higher the count of the weave, the smaller the cross stitches. The aida cloth looks like woven squares with tiny holes around the squares. It can be found in any artsy/craftsy store so check it out and you'll see what I mean. The count refers to number of stitches per inch. So a 14 count aida cloth has 14 stitches per inch whereas an 18 count has 18 stitches per inch.

Counted cross stitch refers to cross stitch using a fabric that has no design on it. The design is charted on a graph and each square on the graph represents one stitch to make on the cloth.

Have fun!

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