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{{{{{Moon}}}}} Survivor really was a trip last night! I was so sad for Mike getting burned so badly. I was relieved they had their act together to have medics and a chopper and all, though, and watched the CBS Early Show on which he was a guest this morning, all healed up. Since I've seen him now, months later, and he's okay, it's interesting to speculate on how the game will progress after his accident. I'm still pulling for Rodger. I think the next one to go will be Jerri, mostly because her tribe is sick of her anyway, and she wasn't able to put her bossiness to good use when directing the tribe blindfolded through the last challenge. The merge should be much hairier than on the first Survivor, because tribe loyalties will be stronger, especially for Kucha after Mike's accident.<p>
As for ER, glad I didn't read the boards until after it showed here, although it wouldn't have killed me to know early that they found the baby. I'm not crazy about the Carrie character, either, for reasons people have already mentioned. I do like her g/f, the psych doctor, because she's a cool character. I'd like to clobber that bald little dude who is evidently the head of the ER or the hospital - what a biggot and a pain! Both Carter and Dr. Green can be both engaging and annoying, and I love Luca's smoldering good looks, as well as (ok, even better than!) his compassion. They over-do a bit on his lingering, guilt-ridden poses, but hey, he's a joy to look at, so linger away! Abby, the surgeon who is preggo, the big black nurse, and the tall black surgeon are all great characters, too, and it really is a compelling, richly textured show, with all types of people and continually interesting plotlines. I really only started watching it last year, but I'm hooked now.
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