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Wink Hi

{{{{{{{Anniejoan}}}}}}}}}} Yes it was great connecting last night in WS. I did pick up embroidery needles today. As for the material its' not the usual material used for cross stitch I know what you are referring to on this. The material is more like cotton, so I am going to get something similar and work on it while learning the stitches as well. Ugh! LOL IN the meantime, I have a meeting tonight, so it will be later on when I can stop in WS and chat with you. Thanks so much for your help and explanining things to me where I can understand them. I will send out an email later to you to give you the explaintion you deserve regarding this project. Thanks a million.
/me hugs anniejoan and leaves her with a hugemonous amount of her favorite goodies!
May the Great Spirit guide your Heart to lead your path
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