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To Live The Adventures Of Other Men: a dialogue

Hello Ladies! I figured I would get the ball rolling and share with you all a poem I wrote several yrs ago. Goodness I think I still may have been in highschool when this was written!! <G> Also, some of you may remember it from Tapestry. Enjoy and please feel free to comment!!

~To Live the Adventures of Other Men: a dialogue~

Is it a sin to live the adventures of other men?

You sit in the corner like a Buddhist monk.
With the stench of books you've not moved in a month.
Have you no dignity in yoyur book-infested hell?
With your Shakespeare and Byron your mind's gone stale.

I've lived a thousand lives with the turn of a page.
I've felt every sorrow, lust, greed, and rage.
I've dined with kings in castles of gold.
I've been both man and woman, infant and old.

You think you are wise with your labyrinth of books?
You are nothing old man. Take a mirror and look.
You are decrepit and feeble - an ancient ill ruin.
Wasted to nil by natures own doin'.

I've sailed seven seas of sapphire blue.
I've kissed lips of red, pouty pink, too.
I've serenaded angels with the voice of streams.
I've flown with great Pegasus drinking silver moonbeams.

Your skins tainted yellow. Your eyes are now dull.
Your face so withdrawn, it looks like a skull.
I mock and loathe you invisible man.
You've wasted your life, don't you understand?

Why don't you move? Take heed of what i said?
Why don't you hear me...? Oh, God! Is he dead?

I've lived many lives - more than most begin.
Tis' it a sin to live the adventures of other men?

"How far that little candle throws his beam. So shines a good deed in a naughty world." ~~ William Shakespeare: Merchants of Venice
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