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When I'm not baking tempting goodies for my TeaRoom guests, I am often to be found chatting in one of the WOW rooms, most probably #LesbianSpace, as QuietWoman or in some other version of the 'QW' theme. I live in Manchester, England (which is just a little distance from Roman Chester and the TeaRoom) and I am sometimes a student and (confusingly) sometimes a teacher

I love many things: music (of many kinds); books and poetry; plants and my garden; spending time with children, particularly my nephew and niece and ... I could go on ...

I hate bigotry and violence and spend a deal of my time working against them and their effects.

The TeaRoom is situated in an old Black and White building, in the corner of a cobbled courtyard, just beneath the Roman Walls in the ancient town of Chester. In the summer, guests can sit in the garden and have afternoon tea in the sunshine, whilst watching the ducks on the River Dee, which flows along beside the TeaRoom.

The TeaRoom's proprietor is busy just now, baking some fresh cakes but she will doubtless come and say hello and offer refreshment, to any visitors who are kind enough to stop by
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