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Tammy, I've given this a lot of thought. Considering your location and the seasons you deal with. I would recommend that you try ixora. You can see what it looks like <a href="">here</a>. According to the national zone chart it should grow in your area. It makes a nice low growing shrub, easy to maintain, and quick to grow. No needles or thorns on it either. Holly is another possiblility. Simple to grow and weather hearty.

Since you'll need a low growing plant so Bailey can't see under it or get under it, you'll need a plan that is full at the base. To maintain that fullness you'll need to keep it clipped back. Another good trick is to grow smaller plants in front of the larger ones. That blocks the view even better.

Another simple to grow low shrub is the herb rosemary. My roesmary plant is full and quite large after three years. When you trim it you can use it, too!

I also agree with QuietWoman that forsythia is a good plant to use for fencing, as is white spiria. However, both will require frequent pruning to keep them full on the bottom. If you cut the top then the growth fills in on the bottom. If you have a fence you might try growing something on the fence to hide the view, too. Morning glory, sweat pea, moonflower vine, honeysuckle, all grow quickly and all will block Bailey's view.

Good luck...
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