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LOL (((Challenge)))....being a fellow Janis fan, you probably recognize the lyrics. There is only one Moon. Wow, that sounded egotistical. <g> You know what I mean! Thanks for the visit.

(((biker))) I saw Mike today too, all healed and happy. That was hard to watch him suffer last night! Jerri is bossy and annoying (I'd have killed her BEFORE the chickens and the pigs <g>) but I thought that Colby throwing a bucket of water on her was mean. They lack a bit in team spirit. Of course, they are HUNGRY...soooo

Oh yeah that little Big Shot Doctor, Robert, I think it a BIG PAIN! What is the black nurses name?? Anyway, I love her. She's biting and sarcastic and very capable. I never much liked Peter. I thought he was grumpy and NO sense of humor. Abby is the Brit, right? She's cool. Dr. Green can be a pain. I guess Abby likes him though. <g> I used to watch all the time and have seen maybe 4 shows this year. I am relearning all the characters. Luca is a little too pensive sometimes, but his face is....nice. ;-)

I'm killing time before I go pick up FrequentFlyerBoy in a bit. :-)
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