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Shewhois... why did she choose the nick?

I asked her one day, and she told me she had named herself in honor of a Rodin statue, entitled "She Who Was the Helmet-Maker's Beautiful Wife" -- -- but with a difference. "The old woman in the statue is one who 'was' beautiful," she said. "I'm at least as old as she is, and I'm Shewho*is* -- wrinkles and all."

I had the honor, in September 2000, of finding out that this was true. I had to travel to the United States, and unbeknownst to her (thanks, Rainbowzz, for helping me plan, putting me up, and keeping the secret!), I planned my trip to start in her city, so I could be with her on her birthday. Meeting her was a rare gift.

But then, every chat with her was a rare gift. We talked about anything and everything, in the room and 1/1. She was a self-educated woman; she had had to leave school early, but she never stopped learning. The depth and breadth of her knowledge were equaled only by the immensity of her compassion.

Living in Israel meant that the start of my day was the end of hers; she loved the fact that we could converse so rewardingly and the ideas would not fall asleep with her, but stay awake with me.

{{{{{Shewhois}}}}} Rest well, dearest one. All of the marvelous thoughts that I had the privilege of sharing with you will not sleep with you. I will be honored to pass them on, and I will think of you with undying love forever.

{{{{{Rainbowzz}}}}} Know I am with you, in light and love.
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