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tribute to a great woman

Rainbowzz showed me the messages about her mam shewhois. I was assigned to Shewhois as the volunteer to help them out a little bit. The moment I entered the door we had immediate strong and warm contact and we felt blessed we received this gift of getting to know each other, we had , although it may sound strange to some people, a great time together as well as together with Rainbowzz. Unfortunately we had to say goodbye a few weeks ago because I had already planned to visit my kids in Holland and Vietnam. I came back sunday and arranged wednesday to visit Shewhois on thursday morning but early in the morning Rainbowzz called to tell me Shewhois passed on at 6 a.m.I am sure that Shewhois is still shewhois and free to move around us and visit us all whenever she feels like.That will be the gift she gives back to us all.
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