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Since writing ^ that post up there, I've found I get better responses when I start a query with the first paragraph or so of my article. Then I follow up with the introduction, etc.

Also, a word on backing up your files. Our Superdisk Drive went out in Oct/Nov. We have a cd burner and I was going to back up all my files on disk BUT I don't really know how yet. So, I haven't really been backing anything up. I have a few things printed out but not everything. My list of contacts for instance, and my schedule of when I sent out what and to which publications. A good friend of mine warned me about putting everything on the computer, but being me, I did not listen.

Last night Denn accidentally deleted my entire work folder. We ran a recovery program but he'd already saved something to the desktop trying to get my stuff back. It's ALL gone. I think I'm still letting it soak in, but at this point am ready to start over....kind of. I'm trying not to think of all the stuff I had written, the research and interviews I had stored. Actually it makes me kind of sick to my stomach so I'm going to try and ignore it.

Anyway, back up your files. Learn how to do that before you save anything to the computer. You can also lock your files so they can't be deleted. And install recovery software BEFORE you need it. Norton Utilities (UnErase/Disk Doctor), Tech Tools Pro, Disk Warrior, and Disk Recovery from all work pretty well. They are s l o w but will get your stuff back if you haven't done anything else on your computer yet. You should run them as soon as possible. If you can't, it's best to keep the computer off so nothing gets deleted or saved.
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