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I really liked O Brother! The music, the story, the acting; all were great and a lot of fun. I just ran out of steam towards the end of my list.<g>

Isn't it weird how a movie can be a favorite, then you think about an actor in that movie (or the director or writer), which leads to another movie which has another actor or director or writer which leads to.. well, you get the idea.<g>

Ain't life a trip?<g>

And, Beautiful Thing! That needs to be on my list too.<g>

There are also many movies which, although excellent, can't be on my list because they upset me so much I can never watch them again. Fight Club was one of those films. I know that it was just doing its job, but it did it too well and upset me horribly. The Piano was another, as well as Blue Velvet, American Beauty and The Ice Storm.
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