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Advertising, the Media, and Alternative Lifestyles

It's nice to see that gays, lesbians, and transgendered are appearing in more print and tv ad campaigns, but -- are they being depicted in a favorable light, or are advertising companies and ad campaigns still wary of homosexuals and tending to stick with stereotypical representations?

It's a mixed bag, really. Perhaps you'd be interested in the discussions and articles at The Commercial Closet:

The text below is taken from the site itself:
<I>The Commercial Closet is a unique, non-profit education and journalism project that proactively reaches out to ad agencies, corporations and the world-at-large to create change through reflection on its collection. This site will introduce you to over 750 worldwide sexy and surprising television and print ads spanning more than 30 years that reflect society?s changing view of the gay community, with marketers' best and worst efforts from around the world.</I>

The site also identifies some of the best (Miller beer) and some of the worst (Coors, McDonald's, Coca-Cola) ads of 2001.

An interesting read, with some product names too:
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