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I have. I'm not doing a vegetable garden, I'm too tired for that<g>, but I have the outside all spruced up and pretty.

I'm growing strawberries in hanging baskets. I watched a show about it and supposedly the strawberries do really well. The foliage is very pretty too, so it's not all for naught if I don't get strawberries.

For the first time this year I've ventured into some perenials too. I love annuals. They are so easy and everything looks so beautiful as soon as you're finished but they really are very expensive. So, while I still have some various containers of annuals for instant color, I've planted some annuals to see how I do.

I also replaced some shrubs I lost this winter with hydrangeas. They're a bit old fashioned but they're coming back into style and I love them. I have a very shady backyard with lousy soil so technically, they should do well. Time will tell.

I'll let you know. :-)
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